In the download system, the folder date is 2012?

That is the date the folder was created, not the date the item was last updated. Unfortunately, the folder date in Sharefile never changes, even when we update it.

The FORMS have a date of 2018?

Many of our forms do not change even though we review them all the time. So we do not put a review date, because then you might think something had changed when it didn't. Many forms are simply samples for you to use as you see fit. These forms may also have an older creation date. But if they need to be changed, let us know. You are part of the process improvement!


Ensure you subscribe to updates and downloads to receive notice of changes and updates. If you haven't received an update for several months, your email address rejected us (bounced), you reported one of our e-mails as SPAM (and we removed you) or you haven't opened any of the emails we sent in the last year. You must RE-SUBSCRIBE.

How do I add Date and Time I updated a document?

The date that you print it out is the effective date. You can add an effective date by clicking on the footer and "Insert">"Date and Time" in Word.

How do I get an update?

If you haven't updated your manuals in a year, you can request an update for $100.