Free Policy and Procedure updates are a great value!! Most compliance companies charge you for everything! We want you to keep your investment looking brand new, so we don't charge when we send an update, but we can't provide the labor for the work on your side, so you have to do the integration and updating on your products yourself.

Step 1 - Make Sure you Subscribe!

You need to pay attention to all 3 of our channels 1.) email updates - where you will receive a link to a download and a brief explanation, 2.) Newsletter Updates - which are larger, more educational discussions where training and gray areas are addressed, and 3.) Facebook and LinkedIn page updates - where we discuss events of the day and where, within your policies and procedures, you will find how to address these. 

Step 2 - Email Updates


You can also reference a listing of updates here

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Step 3 - Sign up for Newsletter Updates

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Step 4 - Follow/Sign Up for Social Media Updates

As we said, this is important because these updates point you to where, in your policies, the compliance matters of the day are addressed. This is your REAL-TIME COMPLIANCE MANAGER TRAINING! FOLLOW Follow