That is ambiguous for many reasons. First, I would check with your purchasing lenders because there is a division of opinion on this matter. 

Regulatory scrutiny may come in relation to "credit repair" service if advertised this way.
However, reasonable credit report fees collected based on a standard schedule of fees based on your market research from 3 vendors who offer the service, can be collected and passed through. However, if your customer came in with a low credit score, and you position the customer as one who needs a rapid rescore, and you did not disclose the costs of the credit bureau RR fees at that time, it's hard to see how the change in the charge can be attributed to a change of circumstances. You knew the fee/service was needed, but didn't disclose it.  
If you do a lot of it, then I suggest you build a separate workflow for the customers who need rapid re-score and work with them to pre-qualify. PRIOR to submitting an application. I understand that the customers who need this are usually not in a position to wait.